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  We are a team of investigation researchers that solely investigates the Spirit side of the paranormal. We are located in Connecticut, South Carolina and Washington. We do local and state to state investigations. We are a team of investigators who believe in the Spirit world, but we also hold skepticism and only want to find the truth.

  SRS takes a scientific approach to all claims of the paranormal with the intent of assisting the client by researching, documenting, validating, educating and counseling throughout the investigation process and after. While SRS offers its services free of charge, we are still able to provide a professional quality investigative service utilizing the latest technologies and practices in the paranormal research and investigation field.


  The Spirit Research Society.


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    If you have a home or location  that needs investigating, please email us at: info@thespiritresearchsociety.com and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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